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Published on October 30th, 2013 | by Scott Borgmier

All Access with Hailey: Time is Flying By

Hey AC readers! It seems as if the season is flying by, it’s already halfway over! It has become the season of choreography, music, and showcases. At Stingrays, teams left and right are intensely preparing for the competition season that is sneaking up on us! During October, Orange finished all of our choreography. We got the dance this month along with the music for the dance, and I cannot wait until everyone gets to see it!

Orange has begun running full-out routines too, and will exhibition November 3rd at the Stingray All Stars “Circus Jam” competition. It is a competition created for middle-school and recreational cheerleading squads, but all Stingray teams exhibition to perform their new routines in front of a crowd! It is on a hard floor, so our routine will be modified, but it is a great way to start the season without all the pressure!


The school competition cheerleading season has sure gone by fast; in Georgia we only have three weeks left! The second weekend of November is the GA State Regionals/Sectionals, and the weekend after that is the GA State Cheer Championships which will close out the 2013 school cheer competition season. The football team is winding down their season which means football sideline cheer is almost over as well. Basketball cheer will be ramping up soon enough! Once the school cheerleading season ends, Orange will be performing at competitions! Our first event is Athletic Championships Encore on Saturday, November 23rd in Atlanta. Competition season is the best season!

October has been a very busy month for the girls on Orange! My month was filled with homework, school cheerleading, all-star cheerleading, football games, the homecoming dance, and much more! I am in the eleventh grade, so that means it’s time to take the ACT and SAT College entrance exams. Although the tests are not very much fun, it is a ton of fun going on college visits and attending college football games to see where I may want to cheer in the future! I have created a fairly large list of potential colleges and I look forward to narrowing it down over the coming year. Although my busy schedule can be overwhelming, I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

Hailey Bednar Hope TableOne of the great things about being on a high profile cheer team like Stingrays Orange is the opportunity it creates for giving back to the community. Community service is very near and dear to my heart! For a couple of years now I have worked with the House of Hope in Haiti, and I am so grateful to Stingrays for providing me with a wonderful way to help raise money for them. This past year I have made and sold bracelets to raise money for the children of House of Hope and also hosted a peanut butter and a toy drive for them. The coaches, parents and athletes have been so very generous in participating and extending their helping hands to assist me! In the past few months I have been working on projects closer to home including painting monogram paintings to help raise money for the Chris Gage fund, and I am currently doing a blanket drive for Calvary Children’s Home in Powder Springs, GA as well as MUST Ministries in Marietta, GA. I am so thankful for my gym owner, Casey Jones, and for my Stingray family, because they have helped tremendously in these efforts. I have also received amazing support from my fellow cheerleaders nation-wide in these fundraisers. It’s awesome to see so many champions on and off the mat!

Good luck to everyone as they begin their all star competition seasons! I can’t wait to see all of you in the coming months. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Hailey Bednar

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