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All Access with Allison: Endings and Beginnings

This semester has flown by, and I cannot believe that tryouts are next week! The majority of the responsibilities of the University of Alabama’s All Girl cheerleading team have come to a close. In one short week, a new team will be announced and the process of preparing for sporting events and nationals will begin all over again. I must admit that I am pretty sad that the year is ending, but I am very excited to announce that I have been accepted into graduate school at the University of Alabama! I am so blessed to have the opportunity to try out for the team one more time as I pursue my Master’s Degree in Marketing.

While we have no more home sporting events to cheer at, gymnastics has been doing very well and will continue to compete. We are so proud of them for winning the SEC Championship! I know that the team has worked very hard this year, and I cannot wait to see how they do as the season continues.

With tryouts next week, there’s a lot on my mind. Practices have been focused on giving us the opportunity to work on new skills and brush up on our tumbling so that we’re ready for tryouts. This year I have seen more talent than ever before at our stunt clinics, so it’s great motivation for us to not get complacent and to push ourselves to get better and better. The requirements for tryouts have gotten even more intense with the addition of single base stunts. Whether it’s a full up with only three people or a coed-style toss to hands, Brandon wants to see us showing more difficult skills.

But skills aren’t the only thing on my mind. One of the fun aspects of tryouts is buying new clothes! I always like to go shopping to get a new tryout outfit so that I can present myself in the best way possible. It’s funny because everyone always jokes that during the tryout clinics the girls look like Easter eggs with all of our bright-colored clothes! It’s fun to match different colored tanks and shorts to make sure that we stand out. On the final day, we go for a more traditional look, wearing polo shirts and UCA Staff shorts.

Prepping for tryouts is important, but there is still one more big event for the 2013-2014 year – the end of the year banquet! This is a great opportunity for the All Girl and Coed teams to celebrate the year. Joined by our parents, we reminisce and present awards for grades and performance. While dressed up and taking lots of pictures, we enjoy some of the last moments with our graduating seniors and those not trying out again. It can get a little emotional sometimes, but it’s a great way to wrap up a successful year of cheerleading.

Well, it has been an amazing year with Alabama Cheer and I could not have been happier as to how it has turned out. Keep your fingers crossed that all will go well at tryouts, so that I can experience all of the fans, games, appearances and competition one more time! But no matter what, ROLL TIDE!

-Allison Terrell

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