Published on April 29th, 2014 | by Kim Conley

All Access with Allison: New Beginnings

Tryouts are over at the University of Alabama, and a new All Girl team has been selected! I am so blessed to have made the team one last time and cannot wait to see what my 27 teammates and I can accomplish this year.

Tryouts lasted three days. After four cuts, we went from over 100 girls to the final 28. It truly amazes me how much the talent increases every year and how skills that used to be seen as elite have become standard requirements. It was evident that everyone at tryouts had put in a lot of hard work and preparation beforehand.

After three days of tumbling, stunting and cheering, we were all excited to see the list of the new team! Immediately after the excited screams and happy pictures, we went straight into a team meeting followed by our first practice. It was great getting to officially meet my new teammates, but what was even better was seeing the skills we mastered at our first practice. Even though we were all mentally and physically tired from three straight days of tryouts, we were still able to hit a variety of difficult stunts as a team. We even began to go over pyramid technique to teach some of the new girls about college-level pyramids. Everyone was eager to learn and very enthused about the talent that was selected.

This weekend we will have our first practice weekend of the summer! I can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish as we go ahead and begin working on skills that we will utilize at camp. It will also be a fun chance to get to know some of the new girls better. We have cheerleaders from Louisiana, Texas, New York and basically all over the country, so it’s always fun to get together and bond as a team.

Practice isn’t the only thing that I’m looking forward to this weekend; it’s also my graduation! I am so excited to be graduating from UA, but I’m even more excited about pursuing my Master’s Degree while being a part of the University of Alabama’s cheerleading program for one more year. As always, ROLL TIDE!

-Allison Terrell

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