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All Access with Allison: Prep, Pep and Support

This semester is starting to speed up! While I really enjoyed the small break Alabama’s All Girl and Coed teams received in January–which was a little longer than usual due to the “snowpocalypse” we experienced–I am happy to be back at work.  We are definitely taking advantage of this time to get stronger during our workouts and try new skills at practice. Brandon, our coach, is always coming up with new and different stunts for us to try, and it is a lot of fun! With tryouts ahead, we are all pushing ourselves so that we can make the team again and once more go for gold at nationals! Even on our off days, you will find the majority of the team going to ACE of Tuscaloosa to work on stunts and tumbling or to the Student Recreation Center to do Insanity. Everyone is using this time to try to increase their skills and strength as much as possible.

Even as we are preparing for next year, we are still supporting our athletic teams who are in season. Alabama’s women’s basketball team has been working hard too, and their new coach, Kristy Curry, has been doing a great job! The support between the two teams has been incredible, and it really makes the athletic teams at Alabama feel like a family. The women’s basketball team even came to watch one of our nationals practices during Christmas break to cheer us on! They will be playing in the SEC Championship next week, and I cannot wait to be there cheering for them because I know they will do well!

Screen shot 2014-02-25 at 10.28.23 AMGymnastics is also in full swing and it is quite the show. Here at the University of Alabama, every sporting event is entertaining and gymnastics is no exception. From fog machines to fireworks, these ladies have it all, and Coleman Coliseum is usually packed for all of their meets. Considering that most members of our All Girl team have been gymnasts, we really get into cheering the meets. The crowd is always loud and involved, and we’ll throw out seven boxes of t-shirts during each meet! We sprint all the way to the top of the coliseum so that no matter where someone is sitting, they have a chance at a t-shirt. The gymnastics team has been doing great so far, and I can’t wait until we compete against Auburn! Hopefully we can maintain our winning streak against them and get our 108th win. Right now the team is ranked No. 4. I hope they continue to get better and can bring home their 7th national title!

As I’m working on my last semester of my senior year, some classes are getting harder. My free time is spent doing schoolwork, cheerleading or watching American Idol. Jessica Meuse, a girl from my hometown (Slapout, AL) made it on the show and I’ve been cheering her on! With graduation in May, I am anxiously waiting to hear if I have been accepted into graduate school at the University of Alabama. I would love the opportunity to tryout again and get the chance to cheer for and compete with my favorite school one more time. I’ve been so blessed to call myself a University of Alabama cheerleader, and I would love to get to represent my school for another year. Catch back up with me next month as tryouts get closer and closer! As always, ROLL TIDE!

-Allison Terrell

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