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All Access with Allison: “Fa la la la la, Two-A-Days”

Now that finals are over, there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind: nationals. Since Christmas break has begun, Alabama’s All Girl team has had two-a-day practices almost every day. Our coach, Brandon, is constantly preparing us for competing twice in one day at nationals. If we make it through prelims, we will compete again later that night in finals. “Champions hit it twice” is one of the phrases he likes to use to remind us that we have to be able to handle the routine and the adrenaline two times on the same day. We even have two performances on the same day here in Alabama to help prepare us for how it will feel when we perform in Orlando. Needless to say, with all of these practices, the cold tub has become my best friend. Several of us get in after every practice to help with the soreness. It’s important that we get our bodies ready now so that we are prepped and ready for what’s to come.

The days are kind of running together, and it’s easy to forget what day of the week it is. But despite being sore from practices, our team has improved TREMENDOUSLY.  Running the routine gets easier each time we go through it, and we started to work on the small details that will make us look perfectly synchronized and sharp. Since it will be our first year at UCA Nationals, we would love to go and hit a clean routine, and we are working hard towards that goal every day.

Throughout this past week, I can definitely say that our team has not only improved in practice, but we have also gotten a lot closer from all the time we have spent together. In between practices, a lot of us will go out to eat, go Christmas shopping or watch a movie together. We even spent a night bowling with the coed team and had fun seeing who could bowl the highest score. I have really enjoyed hanging out with everyone and getting to know my teammates better in and outside of practice.

Besides nationals, basketball season is still in full swing, and we are continuing to cheer on the Alabama women’s basketball team. We cheered a pretty exciting game against Jacksonville recently. While our team did win, what made the game so much fun was the hundreds of fifth-graders filling the stands on a field trip. This game is one of my favorites every year because the kids are so excited and they yell the entire time! Sometimes they even cheer with us, and it’s great to hear all those voices together shouting, “ROLL TIDE!” I’m sure that the basketball team also enjoyed the extra cheers, as they played really well that game.

With only a couple of days left of practices and performances, I am so excited to spend Christmas with my family! We will have almost a week off before we come back for more practices. During the break I will still be pretty busy being the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding and going to a wedding shower for another friend. I also can’t wait to see my grandparents and eat some of my Nannay’s delicious dressing. It will be a good time of rest, but I’ll still be keeping in shape so that I will be ready to continue working when we return to practices. With less than a month left until Nationals, I cannot wait to see what we can accomplish! Until next time, ROLL TIDE!

 -Allison Terrell

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