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Published on July 8th, 2014 | by Kim Conley

All Access with Hailey: Weekend in Orlando

Hi AC Readers! I hope that everyone’s having an amazing summer! I have been very busy with workouts, practices, camps and family vacations. In fact, the Stingray Allstars just finished their annual stunt camp, where level 1-4 teams stunted for two days to try and set their stunt groups, stunt sequences and pyramids.

Stingrays’ level 5 teams were taken on a trip to Orlando, FL for their stunt camp! Black Diamond and Crystal from the Johns Creek location as well as Spice, Sugar, Peach, Steel, Electric and Orange from the Marietta location all attended. Ultimate Athletics from Illinois also came. It was an absolute blast!

2014-06-28_08.47.31The trip was Friday through Monday and we stayed at the Omni at ChampionsGate. Friday night was a travel night, so as my team members arrived we went swimming and grabbed a bite to eat together. Saturday morning we woke up and started the day with a morning stunt session, where every team worked their potential stunt sequences or pyramids. At lunchtime, we were dismissed to go to the pool and eat. This was the most fun time of the day because everyone went together as one large group and threw stunts in the pool! With every single team together, I met tons of new friends!

After the break, we had an evening session of stunting, where we prepared for our evening showcase. Stunts and pyramids were perfected and new skills were tested! At the end, every team was able to show what they worked on that day. It was amazing to see the progress everyone had made! We played a team bonding game afterwards and then worked on fun routines to perform with our grade levels. It was the perfect way to end a long, hardworking day!

Once the session was over, we were able to go to the pool or out to eat with friends. When everyone went to bed, the seniors on Orange played a prank on all of the new Orangies. It was so much fun! Lots of memories were made that night, and we hope that the tradition will be passed on with the team’s legacy.

2014-06-29 18.50.58The next morning we all walked into the practice room exhausted but ready to take on the challenge of another stunt-filled day! For dinner on Sunday, Orange went to Café Tu Tu Tango, our traditional restaurant. It was an amazing time with friends and food and, of course, lots of pictures!

Monday morning we woke up and began practicing our showcase for the parents. Lots of stunting was going on, and we were excited to show what we had learned during our time in Orlando. When the parents came in, the excitement was really high! Every team performed and you could tell that the hard work had paid off! Although it wasn’t perfect, the progress that we made was phenomenal. This experience was definitely a huge highlight of my summer, and I am grateful that my final camp with the Stingray Allstars was as amazing as this one!

During the third week of July, I will be travelling to Haiti on my third mission trip there. It is truly where my heart is, and I can’t wait to go back! My father and I will travel together, and recently we went shopping for lots of supplies to bring with us. And thanks to my amazing sponsors and teammates, we will be bringing Crocs and Build-A-Bears to every single child at the House of Hope! I cannot wait for the kids to get them; they will be so excited! Alongside those items, we’ll be bringing new items for the missionaries we stay with as well as other new toys like soccer balls.

Again, I hope everyone’s having a great summer filled with sunshine and beaches! Until next time!

-Hailey Bednar

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