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Published on January 23rd, 2014 | by Kim Conley

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Hey AC Readers! I am hoping that you all have gotten back into the swing of things with school and weekly practices. Many of us may be slow to get back, but now that “the most wonderful time of the year” is over, it’s time to crack down for COLLEGE NATIONALS SEASON! After sitting out for almost two months with my ankle injury, I was pretty anxious for the first practice. To my surprise I was tumbling like normal and stunting better than when I left! Maybe a break is just what I needed. So I will reiterate, always listen to your body and take a break if you need one.

Currently, my team is working on choreography and finalizing our stunts, pyramids and transitions for our nationals routine. The beginning stage of getting a routine together is not all fun and games; it’s actually pretty serious when you get down to the picky details. Fortunately, the University of Georgia only has one competition team, which is Small Coed. I think this is beneficial to our program because our coaches and athletes can focus 100% of their attention on one routine. Even though it’s not the most fun part, it is definitely mandatory if we want to be holding that trophy in our hands come April! That feeling will be something unexplainable. The thought of nationals makes everyone so thrilled because this is what most of us live for! The adrenaline we get when we step onto the floor, the twinkle in our eyes when the lights come on and the friendly, yet aggressive competition – there’s nothing like it!

Aside from competition practices and cheering our regularly scheduled basketball games, we have just started cheering for yet another sport. It happens to be my favorite sport next to Football; can you guess what it is? That’s right….gymnastics! UGA’s gymnastics team is called the “Gym Dogs,” and I am completely obsessed with them! These girls possess such great skill, poise and craftsmanship in what they do.

If you ever want to see Stegeman Coliseum absolutely full, then come to a Gym Dogs meet. Everyone is so excited to get a look at these wonderfully trained athletes, especially since it’s the beginning of their season. If there is any team that has the most fabulous entrance into the arena, it is definitely these ladies. The coliseum is pitch black and there is fog everywhere. The flashy lights of red and white shimmer along the vault runway to guide their pathway to the center of the arena. Finally, they burst out of the tunnel and an array of fireworks fall from the ceiling! Crazy, right? Then, the opening “pump up” video blasts on the jumbotron, playing video clips in sync with the song “Turn Down for What!” The crowd always gets hyped for the meet, especially after the Gym Dogs’ grand entrance. But wait, that’s not all! When the Gym Dogs win their meet, confetti is released into the student section and all over the coliseum! It’s like rewarding the fans for cheering on the team. Every sport here at UGA brings such a great atmosphere for students, families and visitors, but this one happens to be one of my favorites! Luckily, there is a Gym Dogs meet today, so I’m about to head over and watch!

Lastly, I would like to send out a huge congratulations to my teammates Andrea Bell, Cassidy Drysdale and Maggie McGovern for making Team USA! I know you ladies will represent us well.

I hope you all have a great day and check back next month to see what life has brought my way! Go Dawgs!

-Jasmine King

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