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Published on June 16th, 2014 | by Kim Conley

All Access with Jasmine: Team Bonding

Hey AC Readers! I hope you are all enjoying the summer now that school is out! This is the best time to get out and have some fun in the summer sun with your new teammates before the season kicks off. I am going to share with you some of my favorite team bonding activities that I have done with my team here at the University of Georgia as well as with my previous all star teams.

One thing that my team loves to do at least once a month is go out for a team dinner. It’s great for bonding, especially after practice because it gives you something to look forward to. Choose somewhere with a great atmosphere where you feel comfortable being social and can enjoy the night eating and talking with teammates.

jasmine2Another thing that my team likes to do occasionally is have a dance party! For the dance party, you will need to randomly break up into teams of about four people (you can do this by stunt group or by drawing names out of a hat). After the teams are assigned, you should draw songs out of a hat. Whichever song you pick is the song that you will dance to! Everyone gets about 30-45 minutes to make up a dance and then you perform in front of the other groups. This is a fun way to see everyone’s choreography and dancing skills.

Movie night is popular for my squad during two-a-days. After a long day of practice it’s nice to just throw on comfortable clothes and go watch a movie together. Our coach likes to mix things up by randomly assigning movie seats so that you end up sitting next to someone new on the team. This gives you an opportunity to socialize with the newbies.

Team sleepovers were the go-to bonding activity when I was an all star cheerleader. They’re the perfect time to make up couch pyramids, eat junk food and talk about the upcoming season. My personal favorite thing to do at a team sleepover is to make up a chant or song to say each time before you take the floor. Everyone gets to incorporate their ideas for the song, and it gets you pumped up before you get ready to perform!

There are tons of activities that you can participate in with your team as bonding activities. Go bowling or tailgate for a school sporting event. Try having a car wash, scavenger hunt, pool party or volunteer as a squad for Habitat for Humanity or another charitable organization!

I hope these suggestions help you to bond with your teammates over the summer. Don’t forget to keep up your skills throughout your summer vacation too; you should always want to come back better than ever! Happy summer and Go Dawgs!

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