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All Access with Jasmine: Reunited

Reunited and it feels so good! After a long wait, I was finally reunited with my team this past weekend for our summer work weekend. Work weekend is our mandatory summer practice where everyone is reevaluated on skills and materials for the fall. This year’s work weekend was probably the most successful weekend since I have been at UGA. Although I’m still not cleared to stunt or tumble, I saw nothing but positive things that made me even more eager to come back from my Achilles injury!

During the first day we tumbled a lot. From what I saw, everyone came back a little better than before they left, and that’s how we like it! Next, we moved on to stunting. Since we don’t have official groups yet, this was a great time for bases to find chemistry with other bases/back spots and it was a good opportunity for everyone to practice some elite skills. After a bit of conditioning, our first day of work weekend was complete!

The second day was our busiest day because we had to practice that morning, head to an appearance and then come back to practice that afternoon. The appearance we went to was called Bulldog Park. We loved meeting all of the friends, family and fans that support us doing what we love. Appearances are one of my favorite things about being a UGA cheerleader because I get to meet so many people who share my love for the Dawgs! The best part about this appearance was the dunking booth! I like to think that I’m pretty coordinated when it comes to throwing and catching things. After all, we are cheerleaders and throwing and catching people is a  large part of what we do. So when I saw the opportunity to step in line for the dunking booth, I did just that. After missing my first three shots, I landed a ball directly in the center of the circle, which landed the guy right into the water. Success! That afternoon we had a team BBQ dinner and watched our Majorette team put on a spectacular performance in preparation for their competition.

On the last day we did some light practicing. We ended the work weekend off right by taking our poster pictures for the season with our awesome new uniforms and talented photographer. Now, its time to get our last bit of relaxation in before we start two-a-days and NCA camp in Myrtle Beach!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer! Have fun vacationing, working on skills and getting to know your team better before the season starts. See you guys soon and go Dawgs!

-Jasmine King

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