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Published on October 31st, 2013 | by Scott Borgmier

A Day in the Life at Allen High School

With thousands of spirit filled students, dedicated alumni, proud parents and a supportive community, Fridays in Allen, TX are unlike any other. Everyone in the community looks forward to game day at Allen High School. As a cheerleader, there is nothing more exciting and rewarding than being a part of the traditions.

Friday – Game Day!

6:15 am >> Too excited to press snooze, I woke up to the first “beep” of my alarm. I spent the morning curling my hair, putting on my game day make-up and my uniform. As soon as I was game day ready, I grabbed some breakfast (Friday is Pop Tart day at my house) and I was out the door!

7:45 am >> The cheerleaders arrived at school to stretch and start warming up the routine for the pep rally! As soon as I walked through the doors, I was happy to hear the 800 member band rehearsing and to see the R.O.T.C. program preparing for the day.

8:00 am >> The cheerleaders walked down to the Performing Arts Center and met up with the band. This was one of the most exciting parts of the day because we knew the pep rally was about to begin! At Allen High School, all students not involved in the pep rally reported to their normal classrooms to wait.


8:10 am >> The cheerleaders, R.O.T.C. program and the band members marched down the hallways of Allen. Floods of excited students and teachers darted out of their classrooms as soon as they heard us. As we were marching down the hall, I looked up from the bottom floor at the faculty and staff gathered around the stairs and railways, excited as we passed them.

As we walked through the halls, we clapped along to one of our band songs called “The Macarena.” It’s timed perfectly so that the song ends as soon as we reach the end of the school. Then, the cheerleaders rushed to the gym to prepare for the opening of the pep rally!

8:15 am >> As soon as we got to the gym, we lined up and waited as the crowd of students filled the gym. When the band filed in, they started to play the fight song – our cue to tumble out. The crowd went wild as we performed our routine!

Band Dance

8:25 am >> All of the student-athletes had the privilege of being on the floor for the pep rally while we danced to band chants and led a few cheers to get the crowd excited for game day! The band and cheerleaders led most of the rally, but each fall sport had a few minutes on the mic to talk about their schedules for the upcoming season.

9:15 am >> At the end of the pep rally, our band played Allen’s Alma Mater and everyone joined in. It’s incredible to see the students excited to be an Allen Eagle! The cheerleaders stood together in a line with our arms around each other as we swayed back and forth singing loud and proud!

After the pep rally, we stayed in uniform and the rest of the day went by like any normal school day, but with more spirit and excitement in the air! After the final bell, I sprinted to my car, already anxious about the night’s activities. The senior cheerleaders all met to get ready for the game.

5:30 pm >> The cheerleaders arrived at Eagle Stadium to stretch, warm up and add temporary tattoos to our cheeks! We spent this time tying up our ribbons while hanging out with our team while hanging up our signs around the field and set up our flags to get ready for the 18,000 fans that are about to fill the seats!

6:30 pm >> After we showed off our pyramids to the crowd, we watched the pregame performance by our band, the largest high school band in the country with 800 members! The Band, Tallenettes and Color Guard took the field to perform a routine to the NFL theme song. After the performance, we directed everyone’s attention to our scoreboard for an introduction to Friday night football at Eagle Stadium.

7:20 pm >> Before the team ran out, we huddled up to perform our “good luck rituals.” For the first one, we stood in a circle to pray. After the prayer, one person yelled “what time is it?” We answered together “it’s run out time, oh yeah, run out yeah!” Then the same person yelled “all the girls and the boys and people making noise, let me hear you scream and shout!” Then we yelled “BRING ‘EM OUT, BRING ‘EM OUT” three times!


We spent the rest of the game cheering on our team and creating excitement for the crowd! The crowd loves when we stunt, so we always try to use timeouts to show off our pyramids and we stunt throughout the game to keep them engaged. At the end of the game, we performed our fight song and sang our Alma Mater together one last time before taking down the signs and packing up our bags to head home.

Football games at Allen High School are one of the most exciting events in our community. We always have a huge crowd that shows up to support our favorite Eagles! I hope you enjoyed getting a sneak peak at a day in the life of the Allen High School Cheerleaders. GO EAGLES!

 Written by Laura Ragsdale, a Senior cheerleader at Allen High School

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