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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Scott Borgmier

Game On: A Varsity Novel

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The following is an excerpt from the upcoming book, Game On. Due out in stores Sept. 3rd, 2013.

She fanned herself with the action-plan paper and motioned for them to stop. The gym was actually getting a little steamy from the intense activity. “Okay, girls. Let’s get to some basic tumbling. I want you lined up in groups of three by the mats. We’ll start with round-offs, but you are free to modify it with a tuck on your second pass. Don’t push it. I don’t want any injuries on the first day. Or any day, for that matter! Only if you feel ready.” 

Chloe had never been more ready. She didn’t even wait for her second pass – she went full out into a round-off, back handspring, back tuck. It felt amazing, and she stood up straight with a smile.GameOngirls

Suddenly, she was brought back down to earth. “Chloe- I said second pass!” Coach Steele chided, shaking her head. Chloe brushed off the coach’s reprimand and scanned the room to see whether any of her teammates had seen her near-perfect execution, hoping for some sort of acknowledgment. But it seemed their eyes were glued to something else.

Chloe watched as a flash of red curls darted past. Devin flew through the air, executing a perfect round-off, back handspring, into a layout. Even her landing was clean. The squad erupted in applause and whistles. 

“Ow-ow-ow!” Carley hollers, jumping up and down in excitement. Emily’s jaw dropped and she looked toward Chloe. Chloe couldn’t believe her eyes. 

“Way to go, Devin!” Coach Steele shouted, grinning from ear to ear. Devin began to flush a shade brighter than her hair. She took a quick, self-deprecating bow and ambled awkwardly to the back of the group. Coach Steele patted Devin on the shoulder and blew her whistle to quiet the room from the excitement. “Let’s focus, ladies!”

Leila suddenly appeared at Chloe’s side, looking a little too pleased. “Guess you and I have some new competition.” Then Leila turned on her heel, Marcy in tow. Chloe watched them jog over to Devin and give her high fives. 

“Nice to finally get someone else with talent around here!” Leila said to Devin loudly, to make sure Chloe heard. “Are you joining the team? I have basically been carrying this group all summer and could use the help.”

“That was increds,” Marcy said. “Can you teach me how to do that?”
“Me too!” said Jenn. “I really want to learn a layout this season.”
Chloe watched in horror as a few more girls hovered around Devin like she was going to whip out a marker and start signing autographs. Chloe walked over to Kate and Emily. “You guys? She’s not that good, right?” Chloe asked, hoping for some reassurance. “Right?” But Emily and Kate didn’t respond—they just stared ahead in mutual shock.

Chloe didn’t know much about her, but she did know one thing for sure: Devin Isle wasn’t just some girl with bad workout clothes. She was a super-skilled athlete, cheerleader or not. And the way the whole squad was falling all over themselves to talk to her made Chloe feel shaky, like someone was pulling the cheer mat right out from under her.

Get to know the cover girl from the Game On photo shoot!

GameOn1 (3)Full Name: Kelli Etheridge

School:Pace High School, Pace FL

Grade: Senior

Favorite thing about being a cheerleader: I love being a part of a team; we are all like sisters!  And of course, the pep rallies and the games are the best- it’s what all the hard work is for.

Favorite memory from the book photo shoot: My favorite part was when we read the characteristics of each of the book’s characters.  It was funny because in real life, we are nothing like our characters!

What is one piece of advice you would give someone trying out to be a cheerleader: Be yourself and have fun!  Cheerleading is hard work and you have to be willing to give it your all and practice, practice, practice.

Member of: National Honor Society, Beta Club, Vice President of Future Business Leaders of America, mentor for elementary students and trainer for a rec cheerleading league

Future Plans (where do you want to go to college, what do you want to be): I am attending Florida State University and I am considering a few different options for my degree.

Have you gotten a chance to read the book? I have not read the book yet, due to the release date (September 3rd, 2013).  I have my copy on hold through a book store. I can’t wait to read the entire book and it is so exciting for me to be a part of this novel.

Anything else you would like us to know: I would like to let all readers know what a great opportunity it is to represent a company like Varsity. It has been a dream come true.  Don’t ever sell yourself short in life. Opportunities are at every door, so don’t be afraid to open it!

 Book Reviews:

Check out what REAL cheerleaders have to say about Game On!

Game On is an ultimate cheer book! Every cheerleader can relate to it. The book really reminds you of your first year cheering on a big high school team. It really reminds me of my friendship with my best friend on my squad. Reading about the lives of Chloe, Kate, Emily and Devin will make you think about your cheer sisters and how much they mean to you. Every cheerleader knows that there is usually nothing you love to do more than cheer and this book reminds you of that. The book is heart-warming, funny, intriguing and an all-around wonderful story.

-Aiden Willis, Memphis Catholic High School

I absolutely love this Game On! It captures the essence of being a cheerleader. It is also relatable to girls who aren’t cheerleaders because every group of friends goes through the same struggles that were described in the book. Every girl can identify with at least one situation and/ or character in the story. Game On is one of the most relatable books that I’ve ever read!

-Taylor Henderson, East High School

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Former cheerleader and coach at the University of Kansas. UCA Staffer during the summer months. Lover of all things funny. Follow him on Twitter: @UCAscottyB

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