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Published on October 29th, 2013 | by Jessica Baker

It’s Game Time – Sensational Sign Ideas

When it’s game time, you know you need to put on a show to get the crowd going. Here are some creative tips to spice up your routines, and leave the crowd wanting more! Every cheerleader knows that poms, signs, and megaphones are great props that create fun visuals from the sidelines, but what about using props that your audience isn’t expecting? Get ready to reinvent your sideline routines with some new ideas!


A great way to make a splash at any game and get your audience’s attention is to use beach balls! But don’t just throw them into the crowd – use them in chants! With a thick black magic marker write you school letters on the beach balls and use them up in stunts. At the end of your cheer, toss the beach balls into the crowd for some continued fun!


Surprise your audience by going up in stunts with scarves or small towels tucked in the side of your skirts. Write your school colors or mascot on the towels and use them just like signs when you get to the top of your stunts. When the chant is over swing them over your head to keep the crowd cheering! After the chant is done, toss the towels into the crowd so your fans can swing them around for the remainder of the game!


What better way to reward your crowd than a giant Spirit Stick or many small ones! You can use many different items to make replicas of the original Spirit Stick – Painted paper towel rolls, empty toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper tubes and more! Have some of your cheerleaders fill these with candy and pass them out to rowdy fans during the game to keep them cheering! It may even be a good idea to make a giant team Spirit Stick out of PVC pipe to take to all of the games and incorporate it into your chants and yells!


Some teams have adopted the idea of using platforms to elevate the cheerleaders and to create interesting levels on the sidelines. In the back row of the formation, place wooden box-like platforms several feet apart. Stomps and cheers will be much more exciting. You can choose different cheerleaders every game to cheer from the platform only using arm motions, or elect specific cheerleaders. On Homecoming, the cheerleaders can even decorate their boxes in school colors!


To get your crowd involved; have music playing during breaks and create a toilet paper train! Starting with the cheerleaders, toss rolls of toilet paper down the line in random patterns, each person will hold onto their section then toss the paper to someone else without breaking the paper. Have a cheerleader start this at separate ends of the stands. Have the fans race to see who can get their roll all the way back across to the opposing side first – without breaking the paper!

These are just a few creative ideas to get your fans to interact and enjoy the game and your performances! Try them out and come up with some fun ideas of your own in a team brainstorming session.





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