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Published on September 30th, 2013 | by AC Magazine

All Access with Hailey: Happy Fall

Hey ya’ll! It’s finally fall, which means that competitions are right around the corner! For the past month, my team, Stingrays Orange, has picked up speed at practices. We now have our choreography finished except for the dance and we have started running routines with sections going full out. Although it seems like competitions are still far away, next thing we know it will be here!

The first weekend of November will be Orange’s first performance. We will be running a modified version of our routine on the hard floor at one of the Stingray Allstar’s Jam competitions, Circus Jam. It is just an exhibition, but it is a great way to start our season and get out in front of a crowd.

Since my last blog, excitement has picked up as we prepare for the competition season. We have begun the process for ordering team bows, team sweatshirts and competition makeup. Also, some of the Stingray teams have even received their music! I am excited to see all of the surprises that Orange will get as we approach the season.

GREAT NEWS: Chris Gage, a Stingray Coach that got into a terrible car accident and was in bad shape, was able to visit Stingrays for the first time since his accident in May! He was greeted with so many smiling faces and cheerful hugs! He was even able to pray with us; what an amazing moment that was!

In Georgia, most school cheerleading teams have started competing and most of the girls on Orange cheer on a school competition team, too. This means that on Saturdays, when we have school cheerleading competitions, there is always a chance to see my teammates take the floor with their school! It is a challenge to have enough energy to handle all star cheerleading and school cheerleading, so we all have to make sure that we eat well and get enough rest to protect our bodies during the season.

It takes a lot of planning to be a competitive cheerleader, but the rewards are worth it. As new friendships bloom, strong bonds grow and our confidence builds, I know that I would not want to be doing anything else. I am so excited for this season, and I hope that everyone else is as well!

Cheers to a great October!

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