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Published on August 9th, 2009 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Back Half from a Cradle

Spirit Central Showcases a Back Half from a Cradle

By Craig Callaway; All Photos by Curtis Callaway

This stunt sequence is legal for USASF Levels 3 and up.


1. START: The team starts in 5 stunt groups with the top girl facing the back. Each group consists of a top girl, two bases and a back spot.


2. SET: TOP GIRL: Hold up your left hand for the left base, lift your left leg for the front spot, and place your right hand in a tabletop position. SPOT: Grab the top girl’s left leg above and below the knee. LEFT BASE: Place your left hand under the top girl’s left leg and grab her left hand with your right hand in a handshake grip. RIGHT BASE: Place your right hand behind the top girl’s right leg and your left arm behind the top girl’s back.


3. LOAD: The groups load the top girls into a flat-back position while the left base holds the top girl’s hand at her chest.


4. TOSS HALF: The groups toss the top girls, legs first, up and over and into a half twist. NOTE: During this part of the transition, the left base does not let go of the top girl’s hand and remains in contact at all times.


5. CATCH: The sequence finishes in a cradle facing forward.

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