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Published on October 15th, 2008 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Single Base, No-Hand Stretch

Spirit Central L5 Seniors from Worcester, MA, demo this great single-base stunt.

By Craig Callaway; All Photos by Curtis Callaway

This stunt is legal for levels 3 and up.


1. START: The group starts facing forward with the top girl in the middle, the primary base standing to her left and the spotter standing to her right.


2. SET: The spotter bends down and grabs the top girl’s right ankle and places her left palm under the top girl’s seat. The primary base grabs the bottom of the top girl’s right foot and places her left hand on the front of her shin. The top girl picks up her right foot and places her hands on the shoulders of the primary base and spotter.


3. STRETCH: On the designated count, the top girl bends and jumps straight up into the Liberty while pushing off the primary base and spotter’s shoulders. The spotter pushes up on the top girl’s seat to help her stand up and follows through, placing her right hand on the top girl’s ankle. The spotter’s left foot should step in, bringing her behind the base and the stunt. The spotter then grabs the top girl’s ankle with both hands. The primary base dips and pushes up with both hands, driving the top girl up into the Liberty. The primary base’s right foot steps forward, bringing her underneath the stunt. At the top of the stunt, her left hand should grab under the top girl’s toe to create a solid platform.


4. RELEASE: The top girl shows flexibility and stability by releasing her foot and keeping it up in the Stretch.


5. BUMP TO FLOOR: On the designated count, the primary base and spotter dip and give the top girl a pop out of their hands. On the way down, they catch the top girl at the waist to slow her descent. The top girl grabs the base and spotter’s wrists on the way down and bends her knees as she lands to absorb the power.

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