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Published on August 12th, 2008 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Cupie Pyramid

The Bishop Dwenger HS varsity cheerleaders from Fort Wayne, IN, demo their Cupie Pyramid.

By Craig Callaway

Photography by Curtis Callaway

This stunt is legal for Levels 3 and up when performed with a straight cradle.


1. LOAD: Three stunt groups start facing forward. On counts 1, 2, the center group loads into a Sponge, while the outside groups set with a Liberty grip on the top girl’s outside foot.


2. TRIPLE CUPIES: On counts 5, 6, the groups dip and lift the top girls up into Cupies (the outside groups are in Liberty Posts) and connect at the top on counts 7, 8.


3. CUPIE PYRAMID: The center group drops to a Prep on counts 1, 2, while keeping in contact with the two outside groups.


4. LIBERTY PYRAMID: The outside groups hit Liberties on counts 3, 4.


5. INSIDE GRAB: The outside top girls reach for the inside of their unsupported foot on counts 5, 6.


6. BOW-N-ARROWS: The outside top girls pull up to Bow-N-Arrows on counts 7, 8, regripping with the middle top girl after pulling the stretch. Top girls hold Bow-N-Arrows for two counts.


7. OUTSIDE CRADLES: On counts 3, 4, the outside bases dip and pop their top girls into a cradle (a single twist cradle is legal for level 4 and a double-twist is legal for level 5), while the middle group bounces into a Sponge.


8. MIDDLE SHOTGUN TWIST: On counts 5, 6, the middle group performs a Shotgun twist.


9. CRADLE: All three groups finish in a cradle position on counts 7, 8.

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