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Published on December 10th, 2008 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Pyramid Pizzazz

Cheerleaders from Illinois-based Ultimate Athletics’ large senior level 5 team demo a pyramid sequence they introduced to the all-star scene.

By Craig Callaway; All Photos by Curtis Callaway

This pyramid sequence is legal for USASF Levels 5 and up.


1. SET: Count 5, 6 and clap on 7, 8.


2. LOAD: Five stunt groups load into a Sponge position on counts 1, 2 and dip on 3, 4.


3. ARCH BACK: The center group stays in position while the two inside groups go up, and the top girls arch back on counts 5, 6, and grab the forearms of the two outside Sponges on counts 7, 8. The outside top girls will Sponge on 1, 2, hold on 3, 4, and catch forearms on 7, 8. NOTE: The outside top girl’s feet should be held at waist level.


4. TOSS OVER: A separate set of bases catches the top girls after they arch over in a flat back on 1, 2. The bases then immediately press the top girls back up to a Prep on 3, 4 and everyone holds 5, 6, 7, 8.

At the same time, the outside group dips on counts 8 and 1 (timing is critical), and pop their top girl up and over the arching top girl who’s now in a Flat Back. She’ll split on 5, 6. NOTE: Top level must clear the second level before second level stands up into the Prep.


5. CRADLE & CONNECT: Two additional groups of bases catch the top girls who are crossed over on 7, 8, and load them to a flat back while the center group loads to a Prep and grabs the top girl’s feet on 1, 2.


6. BARREL ROLL: On counts 3, 4, the middle groups dip and lift their top girls up into a full twist on 5, 6, while the Preps pull and assist in the lift.


7. CATCH: After the full twist, the top girls come down with one foot in an Arabesque position on 7, 8. The bases catch them and shift to a Liberty grip on 1, 2.


8.  STRETCH: The inside groups go back up into inside Stretches while two new groups on the outside also pull inside Stretches for the ending pyramid on 5.

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