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Published on August 9th, 2013 | by Jessica Baker

Step by Step: Low-to-High Tick-Tock


Step 1:

Top: Start in a load position with your opposite leg.

Bases: Even though you’re starting on the opposite leg, start with a regular lib grip.

Backspot: Start with an opposite lib grip on the top girl.


Step 2:

Top: Stand up on your opposite leg just like you would for a regular Liberty. As your bases start to lower you down, stay tight and continue to lift through your shoulders.

Bases: After taking the opposite Liberty to the top, slowly bring it down to prep level. Make sure you stop at prep level and then bend your legs to create the rest of the dip.

Backspot: Stay at the opposite ankle the entire time. As the stunt starts to lower, make sure you are still lifting up.


Step 3:

Top: As you start to switch your legs, remember to keep lifting through your shoulders as your replace one foot with the other. When you replace, it’s important that you think toe down first then heel. Stay tight!

Bases: After dipping from the bottom with your legs, stand up quickly and release the opposite foot. Leave your hands in the Lib grip, but keep them open wide so that you can catch the other foot! When you catch, be sure to catch with your arms locked out and absorb with your legs.

Backspot: After dipping at the bottom with your bases, release the opposite ankle on the way up and be ready to catch the other. Always try to grab at the lowest point of your top’s ankle and lift up!

 Stunt Part 2-3

Step 4: Optional

Top: For the Arabesque, keep lifting through your shoulders as your start to replace your foot. Remember to replace your right foot first instead of going immediately to an Arabesque.

Bases: Same technique as the Liberty.

Backspot: Same technique as the Liberty.


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