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Published on February 12th, 2009 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: You’ll “Flip” for This Pyramid

The Connecticut Spirit All-Stars Level 5 Senior Diamonds from Hamden, CT, demo a sequence from an award-winning routine.

By Craig Callaway; All photos by Curtis Callaway

This pyramid sequence is legal for USASF Levels 5 and up, but illegal for school teams.


1. LOAD: Three groups load into Preps while two more groups load into Basket Tosses in front of the two outside Preps. The top girls in the outside Preps grab one arm of the top girls in front of them.


2. TUCKS: On the designated count, the front tops perform back tuck while connected to the Preps behind them.


3. RECATCH: After flipping, the top girls are caught again by the same group in a Sponge position, while the Preps remain connected.


4. HOP OVER: Immediately after catching the flips, the groups toss the top girls up and over to the inside of the Preps. The bases move with them and catch them in a Sponge again.


5. INSIDE STRETCHES: After catching in a sponge, the groups put the top girls into inside Liberty Heel Stretches, connecting to the Preps.

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