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Published on February 14th, 2010 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: The “Ultimate” Stunt

The Ultimate Athletics Large Senior Level 5 team showcases its elite stunt sequence.

By Craig Callaway; All Photos by Curtis Callaway

This stunt sequence is legal for USASF Levels 4 and up.


1. START: The team sets up in seven groups.


2. LOAD: The back group loads for a Basket Toss facing forward. The two inside groups load in facing each other, but staggered in separate rows. The last two groups load in behind them, with each top girl grabbing the ankles of the top girl in front of her. Two final groups set and wait off to the side for the end of the stunt.


3. LAUNCH: On the designated count, the back group throws a Toss kick full. The two inside groups throw their top girls up and out, while the last two groups launch their top girls up and out as well. The last groups of top girls never lose contact with the first.


4. CATCH: The inside top girls are caught by the final group of bases. The outside top girls are caught by the bases of the inside groups.

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