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Published on May 26th, 2011 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Triple Threat

Fort Walton Beach HS demo a three-stunt group pyramid sequence.

by Craig Callaway; All photos by Curtis Callaway

This skill is legal for schools and USASF Levels 4 and up.


1. START: The team starts in three groups in a line from front to back, facing alternating sides.


2. SET: The top girls of the first two groups load one foot into the bases hands. The bases face the opposite direction of the top girls. The front spot waits behind the stunt. The back spots hold onto the top girls’ waists.


3. LOAD: The top girls load into a Sponge with the bases facing backwards. The back group also loads into a Sponge.


4. BALL UP: The first two groups throw their top girls straight up into a half-turn Ball-Up. The back group loads for a Prep.


5. KICK OUT: At the top of the Ball-Up, the top girls kick out into an Arabesque.


6. CATCH: The bases catch the top girls at waist-level in a low Arabesque. The spotters become back spots and catch the top girls’ legs. The original back spots catch the top girls’ arms, who then place their hands on the original bases’ shoulders.


7. CONNECT: The first two stunt groups walk back to connect with the Prep.


8.  STRETCH PYRAMID: The outside groups quarter-up into Heel Stretches.


9.  PREP: On a designated count, the outside groups bring their top girls down to Preps facing inward.


10.  TOSS: The middle group then tosses their top girl straight up…


11.  BUG: …and catches her on her back with her legs together and pointing straight up.



The bases immediately bounce the top girl back up into a Cupie.


13.  OPEN TO 3 CUPIES: The outside groups then lift their top girls into Cupies facing forward.


14.  HITCH PYRAMID: The sequence ends with the center top girl dropping down to a Prep, and the outside stunt groups Hitch their inside feet onto the middle top girl.

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