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Published on July 12th, 2011 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Pitch Front Flip

by Craig Callaway

photos by Jeff Dickerson

This skill is legal for schools & USASF Levels 3 and up.

This skill is legal for high schools.

1. SET (Front View)

The top girl starts with her arms in a T motion, one foot on the floor and the other leg extended behind her in an arabesque. Bases grab the top’s hand with their outside hands. (NOTE the grip.  Top is grabbing in a handshake, palms down, and bases have their wrist turned palm out.)  Their inside hand is grabbing under the top’s arm pit.


Back spot is standing to the side, on the side of the leg that is extended, with both hands under the top’s leg (one above the knee and the other below the knee).


2. SET Side bar stunt

When you first learn this stunt, use two front spots.  Front spots should stand directly in front of the bases, facing them.  Their outside hands will be on the top’s wrists, palms down, and inside hands will be on top of the top’s shoulders.  As long as the front spot is standing in front of the bases, they are not in danger of getting hit by the top.



On the designated count, the top bends and jumps up into the front flip.  The back spot dips and throws up and into the front flip.  NOTE:  It is important that the bases wait until the top is on top of the flip before they start to lift, or her center of rotation will become several feet higher, stalling out the momentum of the flip. The front spot(s) follow through. They are there for the catch.



On the landing, the top absorbs (landing) with a slight bend of the knees.  The back spot catches the top at the waist to slow down her momentum.  The bases catch high at the top’s armpits and slow down her momentum, so that she has a gentle landing.  The front spot also slows down the top’s momentum for the landing.


NOTE:  It is recommended that when learning this stunt, you start with front spots ONLY when it has been mastered should you try it without.

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