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Published on April 9th, 2009 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Stretch/Bow-N-Arrow/Scorp Combo

Bishop Dwenger HS cheerleaders demo a multi-stunt combo.

By Craig Callaway; All Photos by Curtis Callaway

This stunt sequence is legal for school teams and for USASF Level 3 & up with a straight cradle, Level 4 & up with a single-twist cradle and Level 5 & up with a double-twisting cradle.


1. SET: On counts 5, 6 , 7, 8, the group loads in for a Liberty.


2. STRETCH: Dipping on counts 1, 2, the bases lift the top girl into a Liberty. The top girl kicks up to a Heel Stretch on 5.


3. BOW-N-ARROW: On 1, the top girl transitions into a Bow-N-Arrow.


4. SPONGE: Dipping on counts 5, 6, the group brings the top girl back down to a Sponge position.


5. KICK: The group takes a double bounce in the Sponge, while turning the stunt to the side. The group performs to a Show-N-Go, kicking on 4…


6. SPLITS:…and coming back down in a split position on 5, 6.


7. SCORPION: The group takes an extra bounce on counts 7, 8, and then lifts the top girl back up to a Scorpion on 5.


8. TWIST: On counts 1, 2, the bases dip and pop the top girl into a twisting cradle…


9. CRADLE:…and catch her on count 5.

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