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Published on February 15th, 2010 | by AC Magazine

Step by Step: Tuck Arch Basket

How to perform a tuck arch Basket Toss.

By Craig Callaway; All Photos by Curtis Callaway

This skill is legal for levels 3 and up.


1. START: This is a side view stunt, but the group sets facing forward, with the top girl in the middle, a base on both sides and a back spot behind her. A front spot can be placed in front of the top girl if needed.


2. SET: The bases prepare with a Basket Toss grip. The top girl places her hands on the bases shoulders and her right foot on top of their hands. The back spot grabs the top girl at the waist.


3. LOAD: As the top girl hops into the basket, the bases pivot to the right so they’re now facing the side. The back spot assists the top girl into the Basket and turns with the group.

NOTE: The top girl’s seat should not drop below her knees when she’s in the bases’ hands. If she does this, she may shoot backward on the toss or fail to get sufficient height.


4. TUCK: On the designated count, the bases boost up the top girl, the power coming through their legs and follow through with their arms. The top girl pushes off the bases’ shoulders and drives herself up into the toss. There are a variety of grips for the back spot. One option is to place her hands under the bases’ hands and follow through. At the top of the toss, the top girl hits her tuck position.


5. ARCH: Upon hitting the tuck position, the top girl immediately shoots out into the arch position with her hands tight at her sides. NOTE: In school rules, it’s illegal for the top girl to throw her head back, so keepyour chin on your chest if you’re with a school squad.



6. CRADLE: The group finishes in a cradle position. Bases, make sure you keep your hands up high to slow the top girl down into the cradle. Also, keep your legs about shoulder-width apart so you don’t knee her in the back. Back spot should scoop under the top girl’s arms and make sure that she keeps her hands in fists to avoid a thumb or finger injury. The top girl should tightly grab the bases around the neck and keep her legs in a pike position when landing.

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