Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Kim Conley

Step by Step: Touchdown, Let’s Score

Use this chant during football games this fall as you cheer your team to victory!

1. To start the sideline, yell: “LET’S SCORE!”

2. Clasp three times.

3. Yell: “TOUCH-”
Bring your arms into Daggers.

4. Yell: “-DOWN”
Hit a Touchdown motion.

5. Yell: “TOUCH-”
Bring your arms back down into Daggers, this time bending your knees.

6. Yell: “-DOWN”
Stand up to straighten your legs. Bring your arms back up to a Touchdown.

7. Yell: “LET’S SCORE!”
Step out with your right foot into a left lunge. Hit a Right Half High V.

8. Start over!
From the last motion, bring your feet together to clasp three times and repeat!



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