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Published on July 16th, 2013 | by Scott Borgmier


You’ve probably heard about the newest competitive sport derived from something we all know and love-cheerleading!

But how much do you really know?

STUNT is quickly spreading across the country as several colleges, universities, and high schools sign up compete! STUNT removes the crowd-leading part of traditional cheerleading and focuses on the athletic components. USA Cheer created STUNT in order to preserve traditional cheerleading, while offering another opportunity for colleges, universities, and high schools to meet the strict requirements of Title XI.

Still confused? Let’s break it down!

STUNT has been designed specifically in accordance with the Office for Civil Rights’ guidelines for a sport. In order for an activity to be a “sport” it must:

  1. Exclusive purpose is competition (CHECK- STUNT teams are strictly for competition and they do not cheer at any athletic events)
  2. Fully developed regular season and post season schedule (CHECK- STUNT teams have several games throughout the year before the post season games begin)
  3. Governed and regulated by an established national governing body (CHECK- USA cheer)
  4. Objective consistent scoring system (CHECK- STUNT judges are trained and follow a consistent system)

Several top notch cheerleading programs from around the country are getting involved and learning more about STUNT. The All Girl squad from Morehead State University participated in 2011.

“My favorite part about STUNT is seeing the ‘big name’ schools on the floor,” said MSU Coach Bill Mayo. He said his team decided to get involved because the way the game was played looked new and fun!

Bowling Green State University also created a STUNT team in 2011. Jamal Niles, a member of the Coed cheerleading squad, attends the games and has become a fan of the sport.

“Personally, I love the idea of STUNT! I think it is a great way to bring out the ‘sport’ aspect of cheerleading. The idea of head-to-head competition is very unique in the cheerleading world,” said Niles.

STUNT was created to be a “spring sport” in order to showcase the athleticism of cheerleading, while preserving the traditional role of cheerleaders. Most teams can finish cheering for athletic teams in the spring and then transition straight into STUNT or hold tryouts again for their STUNT team.

“Overall, I think STUNT is a great emerging sport that will showcase the athleticism of cheer and bring out the teamwork, dedication, perseverance and sportsmanship,” said Niles.

To learn more about STUNT, visit today!

STUNT National Championship

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