Published on April 24th, 2014 | by Kim Conley

Team USA Day 10: Hello Disney!

Team USA has arrived at Disney’s All Star Resort! Today was such a fun day! We started with a morning practice, which included the last full out performance we’d be able to do at our training location, the Caribe Royale Resort. It went amazing and everything hit, which gave us a big confidence boost.

After practice, we packed up our rooms, loaded the bus and headed over to the All Star Resort. Once we arrived, we went to Celebrity Hall for our orientation. Some teams from other countries had already arrived, and they were all so friendly! One thing I love about this incredible experience is meeting people from literally all over the world. It’s crazy to realize how our worlds can be so different, from the way we dress to the language we speak, but one thing that brings us all together is cheerleading. We love all of our international friends!

Once we went through orientation and got our rooms, it was time for practice outside. We ran stunts, pyramids and baskets. People here on vacation looked out from their rooms and people passing through stopped to watch. Many took out their cameras to capture things they had never seen before. It’s fun to show people who don’t know much about cheerleading the impressive skills we can do. Plus, it proves our athleticism!

At practice we also got to meet the group that will be representing Team USA in the partner stunt division. They showed us their routine and it is amazing! They were so confident in their skills, and you can tell that they’ve been working super hard.

After practices concluded, we got ready for our team dinner. It was at Buca Di Beppo, which is a family-style Italian restaurant. It was so yummy! It was strange seeing everyone all dressed up and not in practice clothes, but everyone looked great!

After consuming way too much spaghetti, it was time for our next adventure – Disney’s Winter Summerland Miniature Golf! LeRoy split the boys up and made them team captains. Once our teams were selected, it was time to play! The mini golf course was so cool; one side was summer-themed and the other was winter. We played on the winter side, which I loved because there was Christmas music playing. The game got super intense because we were competing against the other teams. My team was awesome; we started with three hole-in-ones! Playing mini golf was a nice break from practice and was a great bonding activity. I really enjoyed being able to spend time with Team USA outside of practice, just having fun and making memories.

Tomorrow is a big day for USA Cheer and I can’t wait to update you all of my experiences. Stay tuned!

-Sam Smith

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