Published on April 23rd, 2014 | by Kim Conley

Team USA Day 9: One Team, One Country

Today was a big day for USA Cheer! It was not only our last full day of training, but we also ended the day with a performance open to the public to showcase our routines.

At our first practice of the day, we ran the routine with limited tumbling and ran sections to get more reps in with our new music. After completing that, we watched our performances on the TV. While we were watching, Leighton Clarke gave us an inspirational speech. He explained how the crowd will react as we hit each element and how amazing the dance will feel after we hit everything in the HP Field House. For all of the competitive cheerleaders reading this, you know what he’s talking about. We train for hours, days and months, all for those two minutes and thirty seconds on the mat. It sounds strange, but once the music stops, you realize that all of your hard work, blood, sweat and tears were worth it. You no longer think about the long hours spent at practice because in that euphoric moment, you realize how much you love cheerleading. Our goal for Friday is to walk off of the floor feeling proud of ourselves. Although it’s still a couple of days away, I keep visualizing our performance and it makes me more and more excited to compete!

A few hours later, we came back for a short practice and worked on our pyramid. We made a few changes to make us more confident in that section, and it is looking great!

Later that evening was our performance. Everyone looked so nice in their uniforms with their hair and makeup done! We were no longer individuals representing different states, but one team representing one country. We took pictures and then warmed up. We were ready! After our timed warm up was finished, Coed took the floor and warmed up. Once their time was up, the doors opened and a sea of people flooded the room! We had just sent out the information for the showing earlier that day, but thanks to social media, people found out about it quickly and came to support us.

You could tell the crowd was anxious to see what we had been working on, and we were ready to put on a show! We did really great with only a few mistakes. Although it wasn’t our absolute best, I am glad we were able to get the kinks out now. I think the crowd definitely enjoyed our routine and I can’t wait to perform it in front of an even larger audience! Next up was Coed and they looked amazing! They hit a great routine, and the crowd loved them as well.

Tomorrow is our last practice here before we head over to Disney’s All Star Resort for the competition. I can’t wait, but I’m not ready for this journey to be over with this amazing team!

Thanks for reading!

-Sam Smith

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