At Alma High School, cheerleading means more than just performing new stunts and dances on Friday nights. Cheerleading means giving back, inspiring the next generation and using spirit to make an impact. Every year, the Alma cheerleaders host three free cheer clinics to mentor young children and serve as a positive influence in their lives.

Stepping Stones to Success: The first clinic is held at Stepping Stone, which is a pre-school for special needs students who are still working on typical development. Every year for their “Sports Week” the Alma cheerleaders organize a pep rally and cheer clinic for the kids attending the pre-school. During the pep rally, they wow the kids by performing skills and encouraging the little voices to yell along with the words in the cheer. Once the cheerleaders get the kids excited, they teach simple cheers and invite the students to come up on stage and perform with them.

Inspiring Boys and Girls: Many children in Alma attend the after school summer care that is provided by The Boys and Girls Club. The Alma cheer team goes to the after school club to teach cheers, chants and dances to the students, with the goal of inspiring young boys and girls to one day become cheerleaders. They even put each student in a prep and teach basic stunting technique. It is no surprise that after the clinic, all of the children have a huge smile shining across their face.

Little League, Big Spirit: In Alma, students in first through sixth grade can join the little league cheer program. These children cheer for the little league football teams, where they get to experience what it would be like if they were to one day become an Alma High School cheerleader. Each year, the Alma cheer team holds a clinic for these young athletes where they teach motion technique and stunting skills. The clinic not only inspires young cheerleaders, it also helps the coaches understand cheerleading basics, since many of them are volunteer parents.

Cheerleading has the potential to make a huge difference in the lives of others, and the Alma cheer team’s positivity spreading throughout their community does not go unnoticed. Head coach, Christy Law said, “These clinics are so special because you can really see how much the younger generation looks up to our Varsity team. It’s always impressive to see how much school spirit the students have at such a young age. They want to be just like our high school cheerleaders! We love these clinics and the effect that they have on our community.”

Thank you, Alma High School, for being the reason America Needs Cheerleaders!