The sun is setting on another amazing year at NCA Summer Camps across the country. For many of us, summer traditions go far beyond our time at cheer camp. The games, memories, team bonding activities and spirit chants will be used throughout the year to raise school spirit. Here are five things you will definitely remember if you have been to NCA Summer Camp (and that you can bring back to your student body)!

1. Spirit Stick Surprise!
Hands down the best part of each day is when the NCA Staff puts on heart pumping music, starts throwing insane skills and waves the famous red, white and blue baton in the air. Suddenly you’ve gotten a new wave of energy as your team gets on their feet, or even on each other’s shoulders, in hopes of taking home the coveted spirit stick. Nothing beats the feeling of hearing your name called and seeing NCA Staff running towards you with a spirit stick in hand.


2. Cool cool? Sweet sweet!
If you’ve been to NCA Summer Camp, you understand the fun sayings stay with you long after cheer camp is over. Don’t be surprised when your biology teacher asks you if the assignment sounds good, and you can’t help but blurt out an enthusiastic “sounds great!” in response.

3. All-American Honor
Your NCA Buddy asks if they can pull you aside after stunt class. You instantly get giddy inside, knowing that you are about to be presented with the most honorable award at cheer camp – an All-American nomination! After your buddy tells you why you are deserving of this honor, your team celebrates your success and you immediately tie that beautiful ribbon in your ponytail.


4. I Went Dooowwwn To the River!

After cheer class, your team comes back into the gym just hear the NCA Staff shouting something about “STOMPING THOSE TURKEYS.” After a trip down to the river and getting rowdy with the entire camp, you are ready to go into the next class with a brand new level of energy and smiles on your faces!

5. All the Tears during Shower of Praise

On the final evening of cheer camp, you know that it is time for the happy tears to roll as your team participates in the Shower of Praise. One by one, you express to each of your cheer sisters and brothers what you appreciate about them and why you are thankful that they are your teammate. Hearing the impact that you have made in your teammates creates a bond within your team that is inseparable.