“The most important thing is to give whenever and as often as possible.” -Caroline Trindel 

When Caroline Trindel was assigned to her kindergarten ‘prayer buddy’ at school, she knew Hannah was special. “She is kind, smart, loving, so funny and gives the best hugs. To know Hannah is to LOVE her,” said Caroline. “We became really close!”

One morning last year Hannah woke up barely able to walk. Two days later she was diagnosed with Leukemia. The news was devastating and Caroline, a Varsity All Star Fashionista, was determined to help. With all of the extra time she’s had lately, she decided the right time was now. Caroline, an athlete at Cheer Extreme, set out to raise $1,000 for Hannah and her family to help cover some of the medical expenses.

It was the Easter season, so Caroline organized “Egg Your Yard” where she would come to your house (after the kids were asleep), hide Easter eggs, and leave a note at the door in the morning that the Easter bunny had visited. To get the event off the ground Caroline took to social media where she posted about the fundraiser.

Between April 1st and 11th, Caroline hid more than 8,000 Easter eggs in yards all over central North Carolina. By the end complete strangers were posting about the fundraiser on social media to spread the word and raise awareness of Hannah’s situation. Caroline was in awe of kindness of people in her community. “I loved seeing the outpouring of love for this little girl and her family,” said Caroline.

In all, Caroline’s efforts totaled more than $6,000—far surpassing her original goal. “When you see someone in need, do what you can no matter how big or small the gesture,” said Caroline. “You can give money, time, share a talent or even something as simple as a hug or a smile. You never know what others may be going through.” Thank you, Caroline, for making a difference in Hannah’s life. You are the reason America Needs Cheerleaders.