With school almost out and summer on its way, teams are gearing up for camp where many cheerleaders will be trying out for a spot as an All-American. Do you have what it takes? Read on for some All-American advice!

CLEAN, SHARP MOTIONS are imperative. Many cheerleaders get in the habit of skimming over motions when they learn a new cheer or sideline. Don’t let that be you! Focus on hitting your motions as sharp as possible while executing proper placement and technique. During your All-American tryout, you will be critiqued on little things that may be overlooked at a normal practice. Rest assured that your summer staff won’t neglect your motions, nor anyone else’s for that matter. This is not an area you’ll want to skimp on, so focus on being clean and crisp.

JUMPS are a traditional part of cheerleading that can help or hinder your chances at that All-American status. Not everyone has perfect jumps and trying out for All-American will put you next to some of the best jumpers in the country. If flexibility isn’t your strong suit, there are other aspects you can concentrate on to make your jumps appear cleaner. First, work on your approach. Make sure it is sharp and clean. Pay attention to proper motion placement in your High V and T. Even the most flexible cheerleader can ruin a great jump with bad motions. Second, don’t sacrifice form. You’ll get more points for a Toe Touch that isn’t as high but has pointed toes and a clean landing, compared to one with great height but sloppy technique.

CHOREOGRAPHY can be one of the most fun and, at the same time, stressful parts of tryouts. During camp you must be able to pick up on the dance quickly because you’ll be showing it off in front of the judges later on. Think about performing the dance instead of just going through the motions. If you need to count, do it in your head rather than mouthing the numbers. The staff wants to see your smile and personality. Have fun out there while you show off your best moves.

SHOWMANSHIP is a big part of any tryout, but its importance often goes unnoticed. We focus so much on our skills that we forget that it’s our presence on the floor that initially draws the crowd in. If you’re nervous, the judges will pick up on it. If you’re unsure about your counts, the judges will see it. If you’re out there having the time of your life, showing how much spirit and energy you have, they’ll see that too! Confidence and a winning attitude can make up for almost any mistake, so give 100% and enjoy your time to shine.