Author: Caitlin Cofield

50 Thoughts You Have While Your Mom Does Your Cheer Hair

Here we go again, Janet. Brace yourself for impact. Wait. Let me grab a snack first. Is it safe to use this much hairspray? Of course she forgot her bobby pins. Rookie mistake, girlfriend. These new bangs are going to be my downfall. I should make a Snapchat documentary of this. Ouch. Nevermind, just a small tangle. False alarm, everyone. Maybe I should listen to her pep talk. It could be good. *Nods and smiles* Nope, too focused on that bump on the left that has yet to be addressed. Should I say something about the bump? I mean she’s doing ... Read more

Are You an All-American?

With school almost out and summer on its way, teams are gearing up for camp where many cheerleaders will be trying out for a spot as an All-American. Do you have what it takes? Read on for some All-American advice! CLEAN, SHARP MOTIONS are imperative. Many cheerleaders get in the habit of skimming over motions when they learn a new cheer or sideline. Don’t let that be you! Focus on hitting your motions as sharp as possible while executing proper placement and technique. During your All-American tryout, you will be critiqued on little things that may be overlooked at a normal practice. Rest assured that your summer staff won’t neglect your motions, nor anyone else’s for that matter. This is not an area you’ll ... Read more

Mascot Makes a Difference

HollyAnne of Youngker High School has brought life to the Buckeye, Arizona community for the past four years and is writing a handbook so that others can do the same! HollyAnne has totally transformed the role of the mascot since stepping into the costume freshman year. The role of The Horse was largely overlooked for years, that is, until the school’s cheer coach encouraged HollyAnne to step into its shoes. HollyAnne realized that the mascot, as the symbol of the school, should be fun and doing so much more to bring energy into the stands and to the community. Without ... Read more