Author: Jessica Loper

Spirit Celebration Spreads Holiday Cheer

Talk about a mountain of toys! Spirit Celebration hosted their annual Christmas Championship this December and collected over 7,000 toys benefiting several charities in Dallas, TX, including Scottish Right Hospital of Dallas, Dallas Association of the Deaf, and the “I Can Still Shine” Organization. Two hundred and sixty teams representing 47 different gyms flooded the convention center Saturday morning with games, electronics and more! Gyms like Stars Vipers and United Elite went above and beyond, bringing in bicycles for donation. Billy Smith, founder of Spirit Celebration, began this initiative in 2006 with the help of several area gyms and coaches, ... Read more

The Best Is Yet to Come

For our seniors out there, you know that this last year of high school is an emotional roller coaster. It’s your year to celebrate accomplishments, get excited about the next chapter and cherish all of those “last firsts” – the last first day of high school, the last first football game of the year, the last first full-out of the season. It all seems to build to that final performance on the mat. But whether it’s a local competition, your state championship or the National High School Cheerleading Championship, it doesn’t end there. Everything you do to prepare for that ... Read more

Tip Off Basketball Season with These Tips

As UGG boots and hot chocolate return for winter, cheer squads are making a return as well – to the basketball court! As you know, cheering at basketball games is much different than cheering from the football sidelines. At football games, the players and fans are further away and separated by barriers. Basketball season, on the other hand, is up close and personal! When the game tips off, it’s time to rally your team and energize the crowd. Make your season a slam dunk with the following tips. Interact with the Crowd The intimate environment at basketball games might be ... Read more