Author: Tori Olchawa

Best Week of my LIFE!

My All American London trip can be summed up in one word….FAMILY! My Varsity family, new friends, Robbie our group leader, my teammates and my mom all made this experience a senior year highlight. For most of us the trip to London started at camp, but for me you could say my trip started 27 years ago. My mom told me stories about her love of UCA Camp when she was in high school and college. She told me about her All-American year and how sad she was that could not go when she had the chance. When it was ... Read more

Finding Myself Through Cheerleading

I began my cheerleading career when I was only three years old. I was on a team through my school’s youth club and continued this through sixth grade. I tried out for my middle school team in seventh grade and made it. I was thrilled!  There was one problem. I was shy. Incredibly shy. Even though I loved cheerleading with all my heart, it was tough to be in front of so many people. As I got used to games and performances, I began to break out of my shell. The girls on my team and the love I had ... Read more

Friday Nights Under the Lights

Hey guys! It’s Raelee here—a senior at Farragut High School in Knoxville, TN. Go Admirals! I have been cheering since the third grade and this is my fourth and final year on the varsity squad at FHS. This year I am lucky enough to be one of our team captains. I am also an IT Girl for Varsity Spirit! As my high school career comes to a close, I’d like to share with you some of the favorite memories… FRIDAY. NIGHT. LIGHTS. Fall Friday nights in east Tennessee are for one thing and one thing only…high school football. It’s an ... Read more