Author: Jessica Loper

Embracing Audrey

“Awesome” is the word that comes to mind when Audrey Chisholm talks about her team, the Mokena Burros recreational cheerleading squad. A strong squad with a winning tradition, this team is all about inclusivity. The 13 year old eats, sleeps and breaths cheerleading. Diagnosed with Down syndrome, Audrey has faced many challenges and setbacks on her journey to becoming a cheerleader. From an early age, she dreamed of having the sharp moves and toping stunts. Her supportive parents set out to find a squad that would embrace her talent, energy and enthusiasm. “This is such an important thing for Audrey, ... Read more

Everybody Needs a Buddy

Everybody needs to feel like a somebody, and everybody needs a buddy! Each September for the past 10 years, the Pasco High School cheerleaders make it their goal to raise money and awareness for individuals with Down syndrome at the annual “Buddy Walk” in Tri Cities, Washington. People come from all over the state to show their support and participate in the one-mile walk, put on by the Down Syndrome Association of the Mid-Columbia. This event aims to promote awareness, acceptance and inclusion. It also raises money for the association, which offers programs such as lecture series, workshops and monthly ... Read more

Coach Conflict

How to Handle Disagreements with Your Coach As cheerleaders, these seem to follow us everywhere, am I right? Well, I have news for you: these don’t follow us because we are cheerleaders, but because we are people. Intermixing different personalities, ages, values and thought processes naturally brings friction. Conflict is something that, even as adults, will always be around. Learning how to deal with conflict can significantly improve the health and longevity of your relationships. It’s easy to understand why conflict between teammates should be addressed, but the same is true for conflict with coaches. Whether the disagreement stems from ... Read more