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5 Tips on Staying Fit & Accountable Over the Summer

Depending on where you live across the country, you may be practicing on the field or still having to meet virtually. Regardless of the situation, it is daunting for the coach to keep everything in check. Delegate some tasks to your team to create a responsible, team-led culture. See these tips from real cheer coaches on the BAND app to get inspired! 1. Hold your Team Responsible for Knowing the Latest Updates.There will be lots of changes as to when, where, and even who we are meeting for practice. Your team will also have many new guidelines to follow as ... Read more

All in for Hannah

  “The most important thing is to give whenever and as often as possible.” -Caroline Trindel When Caroline Trindel was assigned to her kindergarten ‘prayer buddy’ at school, she knew Hannah was special. “She is kind, smart, loving, so funny and gives the best hugs. To know Hannah is to LOVE her,” said Caroline. “We became really close!” One morning last year Hannah woke up barely able to walk. Two days later she was diagnosed with Leukemia. The news was devastating and Caroline, a Varsity All Star Fashionista, was determined to help. With all of the extra time she’s had lately, ... Read more

Slide Up Braid

Take your game day look to the next level with this twist on the classic braid. The slide-up braid is an easy, eye-catching option to give your pony a little something extra. Step 1 Start with your hair in a side part. Step 2 Separate a small handful of hair near the front. The more hair you grab, the thicker your braid will be. Step 3 Braid that section normally until you have two to three inches of unbraided hair left. Step 4 Hold the braid’s center strand at the bottom. With your other hand, slide the two remaining two ... Read more