Author: Leah Buege

Routine Clean Up Tips

Nationals season is in full swing and teams across the nation are gearing up to put out the best routines of their lives on the biggest stage. When routines packed with difficult skills go ahead to head, hitting a clean routine can be the edge that separates who moves on to the next round or even who takes home the title. Use the tips below to clean up your routine to put on a performance you can be proud of! One Step at a Time When cleaning your stunt sequence(s), take it one skill at a time. Do the first ... Read more

Senior Spirit

The High Point Rah-Rahs are not your typical cheerleading squad.  The 14-member team from North Carolina is a senior citizen cheerleading squad made up of cheerleaders ages 66-81 years old. The team hsd made multiple appearances to perform as well as compete in the State Senior Games in Raleigh, NC. “I don’t know if we’re unicorns or what, but people want to see us do things. I think it’s a little unique that grandmas are out there rocking it, but we try to bring it,” said head cheerleader Debbie Allison. The Rah-Rahs share spirit and cheer to highlight life as ... Read more

5 Ways to Keep Your Spirits Up During a Losing Season

When it comes to sports, Fall usually means one thing: football season! Unfortunately, it’s unlikely that your team will win every game. And sometimes, your team may have a season where the number in the loss count is higher than the number of wins. Cheering with a not-so-winning record can be difficult but despite the score, keep school spirit up with the tips below 1. Fun, Crowd Leading Chants Besides cheering for the crowd to get loud when your team is on defense, switch up your cheers every once in awhile to have some fun with your student section. Remember ... Read more