Balancing Act

Q: Between school and cheer my schedule is really packed. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done! How can I stay on top of my schoolwork and cheerleading responsibilities, while also having a social life?

After an eight hour school day, a two hour practice and a half hour drive home, nothing gives me more anxiety than seeing the limited time I have to do homework. As a student athlete, my life often seems like a balancing act between schoolwork, cheerleading, friends and Twitter.  😉 After four years of juggling my schedule, I’m convinced that 24 hours in one day was a huge mistake the universe made. However, if I’ve learned anything from picking up the universe’s slack, its that prioritization and communication are key.

As cheerleaders we want to dedicate all of our time to cheerleading, but school must come first! Your academic success determines the rest of your life, even if you’re determined to become a “professional cheerleader!” It’s hard to tackle school and cheerleading; somehow, teachers “coincidentally” assign tests and multiple assignments all on the same day, and an hour to do everything after practice just doesn’t cut it. Communicating with your teachers can completely save your life…and GPA! It’s important to try your best to accomplish everything on time, but if you’re struggling to get through a particular assignment, a conversation with your teacher could help.

Finally, how can you have a solid GPA, a great cheer season and still time to hang with friends? Let’s bring it back to prioritization. It’s important to make time for them, but true friends will always be there for you, even if you have to rearrange your plans two weeks in a row. While friends shouldn’t take a back seat in your life, it’s okay to let your schoolwork call shotgun so you can attain your post-graduation goals. Who knows? Your good grades could get you into the school of your dreams and you could be performing for a crowd of 50,000 by next season!

– Abby Murphy