We’re crazy for camp here at American Cheerleader, and we want you to be too! It’s the highlight of the summer for many squads, but the long days, constant classes and wealth of material can be overwhelming. Not to worry! We’ve simplified things for you with this list of summer camp DOs and DON’Ts. Follow these and you’re sure to be a happy camper this year!

DO: Get excited for new material! Starting the season with new material is like starting the school year with a brand new wardrobe. Get pumped up for new cheers, stunts and dances. After all, you’ll be using this material to pump up the crowd at your games!
DON’T: Stress about remembering everything. Bring a notebook and write down the words to the cheers or the grip for a stunt. You’re not expected to know everything by the end of camp. It only sets the foundation for the rest of the season.

DO: Learn something new about your teammates. Of course you come to camp to learn new material, but getting to know your new squad is just as important. Bond over late night talks. Share camp stories. This connection will establish trust, which is critical for a successful season.
DON’T: Miss opportunities for team building. That means dressing up for theme days, attending after-camp events and representing your squad in camp contests. Besides bonding with your squad, you’ll have a blast!

DO: Master a new stunt! Stunt class is always a camp favorite. See what new and innovative stunts, pyramids and transitions your camp has to offer and make it your goal to try something new each class.
DON’T: Try a difficult stunt before you have (consistently) executed the proper progressions. Remember, safety always comes first. The stunts you learn on Day 1 will help you master the stunts on Day 3.

DO: Get to know the staff. Only the best of the best are selected to teach summer camps, so make the most out of your time with them. Don’t be afraid to ask if you have questions or need advice. Not only are they experts in cheerleading, they’re also there to mentor and support you!
DON’T: Be a “negative Nancy.” Sure, there are going to be moments when you’ re tired or sore, but don’t let that ruin your camp experience. If you’re feeling low on energy, listen to a song that pumps you up or think of something that makes you laugh.

We want you to leave camp full of new knowledge and fantastic memories. Yes, it’s a lot to take in, but that’s what makes it so great! Everywhere you turn is an opportunity to learn, so enjoy it, and HAPPY CAMPING!