Lower Body Blast

Stunts, jumps, tumbling, you name it. A strong lower body makes everything easier. Target your lower half with these 6 moves designed to work the glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. Perform the following exercises back-to-back. Repeat the circuit 3 times through, resting 1 minute between rounds, for a lower body blast in under 20 minutes. BRIDGE | 30 seconds Lie flat on your back with hands by your sides and knees bent. Place your feet shoulder-width apart. Push through your heels to lift your hips off the ground while keeping your back straight. Hold for one second at the top. Lower ... Read more

Puppy Love

Tails were wagging and spirits were soaring in Galveston as American Cheer Power celebrated the D2 Puppy Love Benefit Championship on November 3, 2018. This unique one-day event asked gyms and teams to bring supplies including paper towels, dog food, toys and more to benefit the DREAM Dachshund Rescue of Houston and Bay Area Pet Adoptions. Approximately 1,000 athletes and 2,100 spectators were in attendance and donated over 250 items for the local shelters. Participating gyms included American Cheer Elite, Horizons All Stars, Rio Grande Valley Cheer, Adrenaline All Stars, Elite Athletics, Odyssey Cheer and Cheer Town. Top-dog fundraising teams ... Read more

Organizing For Your Personality Type

For some people, getting organized and staying that way seems to be a natural talent. But for the rest of us? Getting organized can be an intimidating, near impossible task. The truth is, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to organizing your life. The method you eventually stick with will be the one that works best with your unique personality and style. To help you out, we’ve identified five personality types—from the creative to the perfectionist—and outlined a few guidelines that will make tidying up, whether it’s your closet or your planner, a little bit easier. If you’re creative… You consider yourself ... Read more