Caston Community Service Spreads Spirit

For the cheerleaders in Caston, Indiana, #UCAcamp isn’t just a time to learn new skills and fresh material. It’s also an opportunity to give back to their local community while enjoying some team bonding time. The Caston cheerleading program has made it a tradition to do a community service project every summer during their home camp. “We do our own private camp, so we do lots of extra activities during the 3-4 days to make camp special,” Caston High School Cheer Coach Ellen King said. Caston cheerleaders work on these projects during lunch breaks, before camp starts each day and ... Read more

Homemade Popsicles

There are a lot of perks to summer – no school, extra sunshine, team bonding and, of course, summer camp. But one thing’s for sure … it’s hot out there! Staying hydrated should always be a priority, but cooling off with something delicious is also a must during these warm summer months. Ice cream, slushies and frozen treats are all fun to buy, but with these two popsicle recipes, you get a little bit of everything, and you’ll be thrilled to make something so tasty on your own. BANANA FIG SMOOTHIE POP Popsicles for breakfast? Of course! These smoothie pops ... Read more

More Than Friday Night Lights and Championship Trophies

In the eyes of the Crestwood High School cheerleaders, being a member of the team is about so much more than competition season and Friday Night Lights. Instead, the team is very focused on community involvement and how they can be positive ambassadors for the Crestwood School District. This season, the Crestwood cheerleaders are going above and beyond with community service while still maintaining a busy game day and competition schedule. With a long list of community events and volunteer efforts, the team is striving to maintain a positive atmosphere within the Crestwood community. One of the largest initiatives set ... Read more