50 Thoughts You Have While Your Mom Does Your Cheer Hair

Here we go again, Janet. Brace yourself for impact. Wait. Let me grab a snack first. Is it safe to use this much hairspray? Of course she forgot her bobby pins. Rookie mistake, girlfriend. These new bangs are going to be my downfall. I should make a Snapchat documentary of this. Ouch. Nevermind, just a small tangle. False alarm, everyone. Maybe I should listen to her pep talk. It could be good. *Nods and smiles* Nope, too focused on that bump on the left that has yet to be addressed. Should I say something about the bump? I mean she’s doing ... Read more

Spirit Celebration Spreads Holiday Cheer

Talk about a mountain of toys! Spirit Celebration hosted their annual Christmas Championship this December and collected over 7,000 toys benefiting several charities in Dallas, TX, including Scottish Right Hospital of Dallas, Dallas Association of the Deaf, and the “I Can Still Shine” Organization. Two hundred and sixty teams representing 47 different gyms flooded the convention center Saturday morning with games, electronics and more! Gyms like Stars Vipers and United Elite went above and beyond, bringing in bicycles for donation. Billy Smith, founder of Spirit Celebration, began this initiative in 2006 with the help of several area gyms and coaches, ... Read more

From Hawaii to Kentucky

Hawaii native Anuhea Keene had big dreams to cheer for the University of Kentucky. When she made the squad, her longtime coach Blossom Caballero promised Anuhea that she would see her cheer one day. “I have a really close relationship with her, she’s like a daughter to me,” said Blossom. “I talk to her weekly and we keep in touch as if she’s still home here in Hawaii.” Anuhea is the first cheerleader Blossom ever coached who went on to cheer at the collegiate level. In order to express the pride she had for Anuhea, months in advance, Blossom planned ... Read more