Boost Your Confidence

Q: With basketball games and competition season starting, our squad has a lot of performances coming up. How can I become more confident and a better performer?

I wish there was a magic solution to building confidence. The thought of hundreds, even thousands, of eyes on you can be terrifying. But like any other skill, with practice you can get better and develop confidence that is unshakable!

With nationals, game day and pep rally performances on the schedule, it’s vital to fuel your confidence with preparation. Let’s say you’re debuting your competition routine at a winter pep rally in front of your entire school. Intimidating, right? In order for you to feel comfortable nailing your performance in front of a sea of vigilant teenagers, you must first put in the time to perfect your skills. You want to feel as though you can do them in your sleep! Ensure that your stunts and tumbling are performed with proper technique (this will drastically increase their chances of hitting) and even visualize yourself rocking them out in front of a crowd.

Finally, don’t forget to encourage your teammates – they’re just as nervous as you! Taking the focus off of yourself will alleviate stress and supporting those around you will boost team morale, regardless of how the performance goes. Always think and speak positively about your routine; then go out there and prove yourself! Even if you have to “fake it til you make it,” reassuring yourself consistently will help quiet those jitters so you and your team can wow any crowd you step in front of.

– Abby Murphy