Bump-and-Go Lib, Pop Cradle

Step 1

Top: Stand tall with feet together and arms slightly behind you. Grab the base’s wrists.
Base: Start in an athletic stance with elbows in. Grab the top girl’s waist.

NOTE: All skills, including partner stunts, should be performed under the supervision of a knowledgeable adult.


Step 2

Top: Dip with your partner. Jump through the balls of
your feet, flicking off of the base’s wrists. Keep your body in a straight line and feet squeezed together.
Base: Dip with your partner. Use your legs to toss the top girl straight up, flicking your wrists at the top. Extend your arms, ready to catch the feet.


Step 3

Top: Settle into the hands position. Keep your shoulders lifted and chest up with your weight centered. Secure your arms to your sides.
Base: Catch the feet high as possible before bringing down to shoulder level. Squeeze the middle of the feet and the heels. Immediately prepare for the bump-and-go by lowering into an athletic stance with soft knees.


Step 4

Top: Keep your weight evenly distributed as your partner dips. Imagine you are doing an extension and at the top, pull through your center to hit a liberty position. Stay tight, pulling up through your high V.
Base: Dip with your legs and follow through with arms extended and shoulders shrugged to your ears. Squeeze the foot with your left hand directly in front of your right. Keep your eyes on the top girl at all times.


Step 5

Top: As your partner dips for the cradle keep your body tight. Once you feel the base release your foot, ride the cradle straight up by lifting your arms and squeezing your legs together. Catch around base’s shoulders to complete the cradle.

Base: Dip with your legs and extend both arms, releasing the foot at the top for the cradle. Keep your arms extended as you turn to face the spotter. Make contact with the top girl at the highest point, bending your knees to absorb the catch.

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