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Purpose Beyond the Routine

The Captains of Woodlands Elite Cheer Company remain present to exploring new opportunities. They not only discover new things about themselves, but also create a lasting impact on others’ lives. As they have generated direction, memories and further inspiration, it is no surprise these athletes have found a deeper meaning to their platforms as cheerleaders. The Woodlands Elite Captains were able to find purpose in something other than perfecting their routine. Letters of Luck Each week of the season, the Woodlands Elite Captains chose a team at their gym to write a good luck letter to. They hand-wrote notes that ... Read more

So Much LOVE

There’s so much to LOVE about this dynamic duo and their entire cheer family. We sat down with Debbie and Whitney Love to learn what it’s like to grow up and raise a family in the exciting world of all star cheerleading. Debbie Love started her cheerleading career over 50 years ago in 1967. Born in Kentucky, Debbie first took to cheerleading in her back yard with her father. After learning a cartwheel and front walkover, she was hooked. In the 1980’s, Debbie started with the Blue Grass Tigers in Lexington. Times were very different and methods were crude but ... Read more

Cheers to 20 Years

This year, ACE celebrated its 20th anniversary at the 2019 Cheerleading Worlds. Alabama Cheer Elite (more commonly known as ACE), was founded in 1999 when Happy Hooper pitched an idea for a competitive cheerleading program to Paige Black and Susan Schwartz. Following a very successful first season, ACE tripled their competitive team lineup and added all age ranges. Hooper, Black, and Schwartz also added another partner, Susan Blankenship, and moved into a former basketball gymnasium. ACE remained in that gym until 2017, when they moved into a brand new training facility. This represented the culmination of decades of dedication and hard ... Read more