Category: America Needs Cheerleaders

Giving Thanks

Two hundred veterans gathered in E.E. Delaney Stadium on Monday, November 13, 2017.  Greeted by the St. Paul’s cheerleaders, each veteran receive an individualized piece of mail and enjoyed breakfast with one another. The cheerleaders mingled with each of the families to show the thanks they have towards the veterans. “It was truly an honor to be able to take time from our busy schedules to say thank you, in such a minor way, to the people who have served our country,” said cheer coach Jody Wade. Each student at St. Paul’s is encouraged to invite any veteran they know. ... Read more

Act of Kindness

The Nemaha Central High School cheer squad knows that America Needs Cheerleaders, both on and off the field. In a football game between Nemaha Central and Pleasant Ridge High School, a Pleasant Ridge player, Glynn Smith, was injured during the game and taken to the hospital. Following the game, Andy Metsker, Principal of Pleasant Ridge High School, headed to the hospital with head football coach Pat McCollim to check on the injured player. Shortly after the pair arrived, the entire cheer team from Nemaha Central paid a visit to the hospital to check on Smith. Along with them, the cheerleaders ... Read more

Honorary Cheerleader Fulfills Lifelong Dream

At 75 years old, Nancy Fischer proved you can never be too old to make your dreams come true. With the help of her longtime friend, Nancy was able to grab some poms and spend a night on the sidelines with the Alleman High School cheerleaders to fulfill a lifelong dream – being a cheerleader. Growing up, Nancy didn’t have much time for after school activities. She helped pay her way through high school by working two jobs in addition to babysitting. With all her free time focused on work, Nancy never got the chance to be a cheerleader, something ... Read more