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Lake Highland Brings Hope

Being a cheerleader isn’t all about cheering on the sports teams at your school. It is also about getting involved in efforts to make your community a more positive place to live. Scheduled teacher work days aren’t just a day off of school for the students of Lake Highland Preparatory School. The students commit their time to a day of community service with a combined total of 2,155 service hours, according to the school website. The cheerleaders are no exception to the Heart of a Highlander Day of Service. Their volunteer efforts range from helping out at the Ronald McDonald ... Read more

Mizzou Goes Pink

Even cheerleaders need cheerleaders. “I had no family history of any type of cancer. It is not selective. It does not discriminate. No matter what your lifestyle or background, when you have cancer, it’s a fear you live with every day – with any ache or unusual pain, the first thought that comes to mind is…has the cancer spread?” On Monday, October 13, 2008, Suzy Thompson, the University of Missouri’s Head Cheer Coach, was diagnosed with breast cancer—a total shock. The following Friday was the first of two surgeries, the beginning of four months of chemotherapy, followed by thirty-six weeks ... Read more

Harvey Can’t Stop Rockport’s Spirit

Fall means football season at most Texas high schools. But, when Harvey hit shore as a Category 4 hurricane, Rockport, Texas took the brunt of it. Harvey’s eye passed over Rockport on August 25 and left the city in tatters. For weeks, National Guard units, utility workers and relief agencies have been working tirelessly to help Rockport’s 10,000 residents get the city running again School is closed indefinitely for Rockport-Fulton High. But nevertheless, the Rockport Pirates kept showing up for practice, some with only the clothes on their backs. Rockport’s head footabll coach, Jay Seibert, decided a few days after ... Read more