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Be a Happy Camper

We’re crazy for camp here at American Cheerleader, and we want you to be too! It’s the highlight of the summer for many squads, but the long days, constant classes and wealth of material can be overwhelming. Not to worry! We’ve simplified things for you with this list of summer camp DOs and DON’Ts. Follow these and you’re sure to be a happy camper this year! DO: Get excited for new material! Starting the season with new material is like starting the school year with a brand new wardrobe. Get pumped up for new cheers, stunts and dances. After all, you’ll be using this material to pump up the crowd at your games! ... Read more

Are You an All-American?

With school almost out and summer on its way, teams are gearing up for camp where many cheerleaders will be trying out for a spot as an All-American. Do you have what it takes? Read on for some All-American advice! CLEAN, SHARP MOTIONS are imperative. Many cheerleaders get in the habit of skimming over motions when they learn a new cheer or sideline. Don’t let that be you! Focus on hitting your motions as sharp as possible while executing proper placement and technique. During your All-American tryout, you will be critiqued on little things that may be overlooked at a normal practice. Rest assured that your summer staff won’t neglect your motions, nor anyone else’s for that matter. This is not an area you’ll ... Read more

Camp Bag Cheat Sheet

If you’re anything like us when it comes to packing, the struggle is real. Bags that don’t shut all the way, items spilling out and wrinkled clothes can really cramp your style during summer camp. Use the tricks below to pack your bag like a pro. Yes, we’re talking wrinkle free and space to spare! Making it fit: Rolling your clothes works well with pants, skirts and shirts, including your camp clothing. Place the item face down, fold back any sleeves and roll from the bottom up. This method works especially well for cheer bags that are unstructured, such as a ... Read more