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Is it Summer Yet?

This winter weather has us dreaming of one thing… SUMMER! For cheerleaders, summertime is more than just lounging by the pool and hanging out with friends. It means the best week of the year has arrived – cheer camp! To get us excited for all things summer camp, here are a few things to have you singing Little Sally Walker from now until you arrive at the first day of camp. Meeting your camp buddy! After being WOW’d by the staff’s skills at the start of camp and hearing each staff introduction, you can’t help but get excited to find ... Read more

Best Week of my LIFE!

My All American London trip can be summed up in one word….FAMILY! My Varsity family, new friends, Robbie our group leader, my teammates and my mom all made this experience a senior year highlight. For most of us the trip to London started at camp, but for me you could say my trip started 27 years ago. My mom told me stories about her love of UCA Camp when she was in high school and college. She told me about her All-American year and how sad she was that could not go when she had the chance. When it was ... Read more

5 Things You’ll Only Understand if You’ve Been to NCA Summer Camp

The sun is setting on another amazing year at NCA Summer Camps across the country. For many of us, summer traditions go far beyond our time at cheer camp. The games, memories, team bonding activities and spirit chants will be used throughout the year to raise school spirit. Here are five things you will definitely remember if you have been to NCA Summer Camp (and that you can bring back to your student body)! 1. Spirit Stick Surprise! Hands down the best part of each day is when the NCA Staff puts on heart pumping music, starts throwing insane skills ... Read more