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5 Summer Camp Must-Dos

It’s that time of year again! Cheer camp is an exciting beginning to an awesome season. It’s a time for working hard, but also a time to create new memories. Make your experience one to remember with these five camp must-dos. 1. Get to know your teammates. Cheer camp is the kickoff to your season. Whether you’re new to the team or a returning member, each year brings new faces and new personalities. Bonds need to be established early in order to set the tone for a successful season. Camp is the perfect opportunity to create these bonds! One night during camp, my squad has a “team talk” ... Read more

It’s a Squad Summer

We know that cheerleading requires a lot of teamwork. Forming friendships within your squad is key to a successful season, and summer is the perfect time to get started. Here are some ways to make it happen. Show rookies the love. Welcoming new team members can be really exciting. Think of it as a fresh start with a whole new atmosphere! Keep an eye out for newbies that may be shy and go talk to them. Even better, pair them up with a veteran cheerleader for the summer. You should also get the team together for bonding outside of the practice gym. It could be going out for ice cream or having a movie night. The most important ... Read more

What Coaches Want

Camp is here and it’s time to get to work. You might be worried about impressing your coaches at camp, but we’re there to help you reach your goals! Executing the hardest stunt or taking home the biggest award isn’t what’s most important. Here are the top six things I want to see from my cheerleaders at camp: 1. Unity I love seeing my team come together during camp. Besides spending a lot of practice time together, we also do fun things during camp. The varsity girls have secret sisters with the JV squad, and each day at camp they get a secret gift from them. The third night, we reveal the secret sisters, and then ... Read more