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What Coaches Want

Camp is here and it’s time to get to work. You might be worried about impressing your coaches at camp, but we’re there to help you reach your goals! Executing the hardest stunt or taking home the biggest award isn’t what’s most important. Here are the top six things I want to see from my cheerleaders at camp: 1. Unity I love seeing my team come together during camp. Besides spending a lot of practice time together, we also do fun things during camp. The varsity girls have secret sisters with the JV squad, and each day at camp they get a secret gift from them. The third night, we reveal the secret sisters, and then ... Read more

Your Best Camp Yet!

The new cheer season is right around the corner, and the bright sun and high summer temps can only mean one thing—CAMP! Cheer camp is one of the first times together for many teams. And with a new team comes new goals, new skills, new people and new experiences. It might be a little intimidating, but AC has your back! Follow our tips and make this year’s camp experience your best one yet! 1. Be a sponge If you’re a freshman on a new squad, camp can be both exciting and scary. Take note of what the upper classmen are ... Read more

Together is Better: Building Team Traditions at Camp

Camp is a great opportunity for you and your teammates to learn new material and improve your technique. While it’s easy to focus on how many new skills you master or how many awards you take home, don’t forget to keep teamwork a top priority. Teamwork comes naturally when there is a strong bond within the squad, and building team traditions at camp is the perfect first step to establishing that connection! AC wants to help your squad feel the love, so here are some fantastic traditions for your squad to start at camp this year: New “Cheers” Resolutions – ... Read more