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The Best Is Yet to Come

For our seniors out there, you know that this last year of high school is an emotional roller coaster. It’s your year to celebrate accomplishments, get excited about the next chapter and cherish all of those “last firsts” – the last first day of high school, the last first football game of the year, the last first full-out of the season. It all seems to build to that final performance on the mat. But whether it’s a local competition, your state championship or the National High School Cheerleading Championship, it doesn’t end there. Everything you do to prepare for that ... Read more

Leading Your Team at Nationals

Nationals season is quickly approaching, and as a veteran it’s time to step up and lead your team through one of the most exciting and challenging competitions of your life. You’ve been preparing all season for this event, and now it’s time to put your game face on! Prepare Yourself Know your routine forwards and backwards. The music and crowd will be louder at nationals than it has sounded at any practice or showcase. When you practice full-out, practice counting for your teammates. It’s a great way to build up your endurance for a jam-packed routine, and it will keep ... Read more

14 Ways to Clean Your Routine

Most cheerleaders spend a fair share of their time online scoping out cheer performances and competition routines. (In fact, is one of the top places where you can view the best high school and college teams in the country!) There’s an obvious difference between standout teams and teams that are still striving to make it to the top, but how do they get to that level? Besides increasing difficulty, the easiest and most effective way to turn your competition routine into a stunning performance is simply by cleaning it up. Follow the suggestions below for a routine that’s sharp, clean and ... Read more