Welcoming the Rookies

By |2016-04-15T16:14:09-05:00Jun 1st, 2015|Dear AC|

Q: Some of the girls on my team are not only new to the squad, but also brand new to summer camp. I can't wait to show them all of [...]


Being a Leader

By |2017-06-08T06:16:16-05:00Feb 18th, 2015|Dear AC|

Q: I want to be more of a leader on my squad, but I’m not the most outspoken person. How can I lead my teammates without having to stand and [...]


Holiday Bonding

By |2017-06-08T06:16:18-05:00Dec 21st, 2014|Dear AC|

Q: What are some fun, holiday-themed activities I can do with my squad this month? It's the most wonderful time of the year, but trying to get in the holiday [...]

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